Finally made it!

Goddess Love Meme

I figured we may want to do one final love meme before the Russians take over completely and/or/also the world ends before we find out how Game of Thrones ends or where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. The world is a flaming, toxic dumpster fire, but at least we still have each other, right? RIGHT?!

Bartlet for America


Friends! Everyone has a lot of shit going on right now, so I thought it would be helpful for all of us to get together and do what we do best: pass out love and praise behind the safety of a computer screen so as not to cause awkwardness when doing so face to face. You all know what to do!

(I realize I may not have all of you as LJ friends so feel free to remedy that, though I'm hoping comments will still work regardless)

Story of the Tango.

I've been tricked!

So I decided today that I would give my Livejournal some love and upload some new icons, maybe change the style a little bit and just try to dress it up a little. I'm so used to GreatestJournal where you have an insane 2,000 icons to upload, and LJ, where you have to somehow narrow that down to six. So I did that and I was pleased with my choices (I had to have skating, since the season is starting soon, plus some Canada love, some AD and my alter-ego, Lila). I also joined an Office Icons community, so that's exciting as well.

So I decide that I'm a little sick of the blue that's been my backround, so why not see what they have to use as backrounds? I found a few that were cute, but then I looked at the ones that are only good for plus/paid accounts, and saw the CUTEST backround with cherry blossoms, so I was like, why not? I'll go for the plus. The ads are kind of a pain in the ass, but if my journal looks cute, I think I can deal. So I sign up and it turns out that the cherry blossom one is ONLY usable (is usable even a word?) if you have a paid account. WTF. Come on now, if I would have known that, I would have just stuck with the plain backrounds and no ads. But I did find a cute Plus account backround, so my journal looks pretty. Although I still might just drop down to the basic.

Anyways, that was a lot of nonsense about the backrounds of LJ, but what else is there to talk about that's exciting? Not much. The House premiere was pretty awesome, I'm interested to see when/if Wilson finds out about House going into his office. I was also kind of mad at him that he wouldn't let Cuddy tell House that the brain cancer guy was better, but oh well. And I LOVE Cameron's hair. What a great way to kick off my TV show season!

Mel and I discovered that there's going to be a skating show in Grand Rapids in early October, but there aren't a lot of skaters added to it yet. It's to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Van Andel arena, and the tickets are only $20 with complimentary concessions. Sounds promising! Kristi, Yuka and Jason (awww), Tanith and Ben (not really awww, but I like Ben), Alissa, and Brian Orser. I love Brian Orser! I'm hoping that they'll add some more people, though. Like people who train in Canton. Although I don't know, since Tessa and Scott are doing the Campbells thing in Cincy (whee, can't wait to head to that!) the next weekend. So they'll just have to ask Megan and Aaron. Haha, so they don't technically train in Canton anymore, but hell, it's not like they have anything to do (except finish master's degrees). I'm going to miss going to Canton this year, but I suppose we can always head down to say hi to Scott and Tessa and Sio and Josh. Oh! And Leif and Lauren, I keep forgetting that they're there too now.

ANYWAYS, this update has gotten kind of lengthy and I apologize to my non skating friends about the skating talk. Next time I'll put it behind a cut. ;) It's time for me to go start dinner and get some stuff done this evening before Project Runway is on!

Hope all of you are well! Gary, you should update your LJ someday, I miss you and I'm sorry I haven't emailed, but I hope things are great in S.J.

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